Youssef El Idrissi

Youssef El Idrissi

Youssef El Idrissi

Artist, activist, founder of Kounaktif

Youssef El Idrissi is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, researcher and cultural worker, based in Casablanca, Morocco. He holds a bachelor's in Philosophy of Communications and Public Spaces and a Master's degree in Cultural & Artistic Engineering. In 2018, he founded the collective Kounaktif which aims to democratize access to arts and operates at the intersection of ecology, technology and arts. His artistic practice is a combination of software, node-based coding, poetry, field recording, filming, analogue machines and other materials used for video art installations, interactive workshops and publishing. Within his practice, he focuses on the decolonisation of imaginaries, indigenous mythologies, power relations, dynamics of the unconscious, interrelation between psyche and space, body and awareness, technology and living beings, errors (glitches) and symbiosis. Youssef El Idrissi's work aims through his cultural and artistic work to connect the aesthetical and the political by deconstructing (and re-imagining) the norms, the socio-artistic barriers and old methods using alternative pedagogies, formats and interdisciplinary practice.

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Day 1 14 Sep 2023
15:55 - 16:05

Lightning talks

European Committee of the Regions

With Youssef El Idrissi (Kounaktif pour les arts et les cultures, Morocco) and Olga Caballero (Alma Civica, Paraguay)