Valeriu Drăgălin

Valeriu Drăgălin

Valeriu Drăgălin

President, European Democracy Youth Network

Valeriu Drăgălin has been the President of the European Democracy Youth Network (December 2021- present). Valeriu strongly believes in participatory democracy and considers that progress may be achieved only when youth will have all the conditions to achieve its potential in a democratic society. Since his early youth, he has been involved in different youth structures, promoting youth participation and democratic values. Between 2018 and 2020, Valeriu was the President of the National Youth Council of Moldova, the biggest umbrella organization for youth in the country. A lawyer by profession, he currently works in the legal development field at the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative in Moldova.

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Day 2 15 Sep 2022
14:00 - 16:00

The 50%’s Voice: Launch of the Youth Political and Civic Engagement Cohort (EPD)

Committee of the Regions

The European Commission and the European Partnership for Democracy have launched the Youth Political and Civic Engagement Cohort as part of the Summit for Democracy’s Year of Action to take action toward implementing Summit for Democracy commitments on youth political and civic engagement. This session will launch the Youth Cohort and discuss avenues for meaningful dialogue and collaboration between many types of actors working to advance democratic participation of youth across the globe. Bringing together youth activists in the EU and globally as well as key decision-makers involved in youth engagement worldwide, this session will be an opportunity for debate and collaboration on the issue of youth political engagement. It will be livestreamed here