Tigran Amiryan

Tigran Amiryan

Tigran Amiryan

President, Cultural and Social Narratives Laboratory (CSN Lab)

Tigran Amiryan is a cultural researcher, literary critic, curator, and semiologist with a Ph.D. in Contemporary World Literature. In 2018 he established the Cultural and Social Narratives Laboratory (CSN Lab) in Yerevan, Armenia, of which he is the president. His primary focus lies in exploring how contemporary culture, artistic representation, history of self, and biographies contribute to the narrativization of individual and collective memory. He writes articles and books that center on contemporary literature and the sociology of literature. As a researcher and curator, Tigran Amiryan is interested in various subjects, including but not limited to conspiracy discourse, cultural and urban memory, collective memory, vernacular architecture, cultural rights, decolonization, photography, and migration.

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Day 1 14 Sep 2023
15:20 - 15:25

Lightning talk

European Committee of the Regions

With Tigran Amiryan (CSN Lab, Armenia)