Milan Jovanović

Milan Jovanović

Milan Jovanović

Senior researcher, Digital Forensic Center

Milan Jovanović is a senior researcher at the Digital Forensic Center (DFC) which is a first digital hub of its kind in the Western Balkans devoted to countering disinformation, fake news, and propaganda campaigns that have had a goal of destabilizing democratic processes in both Montenegro and wider region. Milan is at the forefront of open-source research in Montenegro, focusing on the intersection of governance, technology, security, and digital information environments. He specializes in in transatlantic security with a focus on foreign influence and social media activities. Since 2018, he has been doing briefings, workshops and trainings on disinformation, media and digital literacy in more than ten countries. Apart from his formal education, he participated in various types of specialized training, domestic and international courses and conferences mostly related to security, foreign malign influence and open-source investigation. He regularly publishes articles in Montenegrin and foreign media on his fields of expertise. Milan coauthored Russia’s footprint in the Western Balkans information environment research published by NATO StratCom Centre of Excellence. Among his fields of interests are Euro-Atlantic relations and languages. He has graduated from the Montenegrin University for International Relations and Diplomacy and is fluent in English and proficient in German.

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Day 3 16 Sep 2022
11:00 - 12:30

Hybrid Threats to Democracy (ENoP)


With the urgency to stand for democracy, this session will explore the non-military notion of ‘’hybrid threats to democracy’’. It will bring representatives from the EU institutions and experts from political foundations and their partners to discuss how to respond to disinformation threats and foreign election interventions. It will also look into our role as political foundations in empowering civil society and political actors in facing such realities, and discuss the role of China and Russia in this new geopolitical context