Imad Daimi

Imad Daimi

Imad Daimi

President, Raqabah Observatory

Imad Daimi is the Founder and President of Raqabah Observatory, one of the most active civil society organisations in Tunisia specializing in fighting corruption and monitoring state agencies and public institutions to help develop and enforce reforms towards a more effective, ethical, and accountable governance. The observatory’s main focus is fighting the conflict of interest between government agencies and powerful private interests to prevent corruption and misuse of public funds. Before founding Raqabah, Imad Daimi was a member of the Tunisian Parliament.

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Day 2 15 Sep 2022
10:20 - 11:30

International Panel on Democracy in Era of Geopolitics

Committee of the Regions

In this inaugural session of the 2022 edition of International Democracy Day in Brussels, experts will lay out the geopolitical context of this watershed moment for democracy and high-level representatives from Africa, Asia, Europe and North America will discuss possible solutions to the challenges of this new era of geopolitics.